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News & Announcements

Columbus Company Installs Two GE Additive Metal 3D Printers on OSU Campus  – April 8, 2018

Novel industry partnership brings latest metal additive manufacturing tech to Ohio State  – April 6, 2018

The trifecta approach to accelerating additive manufacturing innovation  – April 2, 2018

Proto Precision Manufacturing Solutions is excited to announce new offerings with the mission to provide world class metal additive manufacturing to its industrial clients.  Proto will provide customers with a full value stream additive manufacturing offerings including design consultation, support/build development, printing services, post processing and finishing of metal additive parts.

Proto has acquired 2 new machines from GE Additive: a dual 400W laser Concept Laser M2 powder bed fusion machine including QM meltpool 3D monitoring for quality assurance and an Arcam Q10+ with in process quality monitoring.  Initial materials offerings will be Inconel 718 and Ti-6-4 for the aerospace, medical implant, high performance racing, energy, and general industrial sectors.

Arcam Q10+ EBM

Medical Advantages

– Produce orthopedic designs with unique trabecular structures for improved osseointegration
– Design and produce custom implants for patient specific applications using data from CT scans
– Capability to stack and nest parts on the build platform allows for cost efficient production

Other Advantages

– Freedom to optimize your design for light weighting, internal chambers and overall part reduction
– Parts are produced in an elevated temperature process and are free from residual stresses

Concept Laser M2

Aerospace Advantages

– QM meltpool 3D monitoring system for in-situ process monitoring increases quality and traceability
– dual laser system increases productivity thereby reducing cost of producing large parts
– ability to produce nickel alloy 718 components rapidly direct from 3D model data